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Heaveth Icons

Icons of the Beautiful

[ Heaveth Icons ]
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Welcome to heaveth_icons. This is the place for icons featuring supermodels! I specialize only in icons of models, however, a select few icons will be of worthy actresses. You will not find movie-related icons or those of singers, flowers, and other such things. Below are the rules, please read them carefully before joining the community.

[ rules: ]

if you wish to view the icons, you will have to join heaveth_icons to your friends list. the community is currently moderated membership because people aren't crediting and people with non-active journals ( only adding icon communities to friends list with no journal entries ) are joining my community. posting in the community is left for me only because, well, they are my icons.

all i ask is if you take an icon, please comment and give credit in the keywords. that shouldn`t be too much to ask and it is usually standard procedure as far as using icons are concerned.

i will take requests, but please note that i cannot do animations, which is why my icons are fairly simple. if you would like someone else to add an animation, that is fine, but please ask me first and credit the base to me.

i am always open to suggestions, so if you would like to see more icons of a certain model, please let me know and i will do my best to deliver.

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